Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pictures from a Competition

Columbus was not as fertile fashionista territory as I had hoped. No fault of the competitors, I'm sure--I was just too busy wrangling the RFA Base Camp and getting into and out of fencing gear. 

Here are my most notable sightings:

Best Dressed Fencer: Mary High of Salem Academy Fencing

Frankly, I didn't 
even know that a solid colored uniform (other than white) was legal. Mary's regal purple (especially in contrast to her red hair) was awesome. Mary, if you contact me, I'd love to interview you about your fencing fashion sense.

[Allison says: "Where do you even find such colorful uniforms?"]

Best Hair, Fencer:                                         

Best Hair, Spectator:

Best New Product: Absolute Fencing is trying to mainstream some fashionista styling 

Not the color or design I would have chosen to lead with, but a promising development, none the less.

Best Color Coordination: (bag, socks, tip tape, sneakers, plushie mascot) snapped up by my RFA teammate, the Dormouse. 

Best Fencing Accessory: Mission Fencing Center of Rocky Point, NY, for their fabulous decked out van. (Can a van count as an accessory? Oh heck, I'm giving the award, and I say yes.)

Maybe you can supplement my haul with pics of your own--send them (with commentary) to bodhibadger at gmail dot com. I look forward to seeing what caught your eye.


  1. When paired with the new style neon socks and nike dayglo shoes, the new Absolute uniform will certainly catch the eye. In a crossing guard kind of way. :-)

  2. Mary's uniform was made by Triplette Compeittion Arms. The only US manufacture of sport fencing equipment. They do stock standard white uniforms, but also make custom uniforms like the one seen on Mary.