Sunday, July 14, 2013


Allison suggested we do a post about how people display their medals.

This is difficult subject for me. I have conflicted feelings about bling. 
a) I love the shinys
b) I don't know what to do with them after the competition
c) Then I feel guilty about not appreciating them more.

See? Head case.

Anyway--my system: a medal starts out on me. That's easy enough. I let myself wear it the whole day of the competition. Even out to dinner or on the drive or flight home. Silly? Yes, but dammit, when else am I going to get any enjoyment out of it? Waitresses and doormen can give me all the funny looks they like. Sometimes random people say "congratulations." That's cool. 

If it is a multi-day competition, after Day 1 my mascot takes over for me. 

Once I get home, if the result was particularly notable the medal transfers to a different caretaker for a bit.

Mostly, though, they get crammed into a drawer in a bureau. In a closet. In the attic. 

See? Conflicted. I'm not sure why. I feel like I ought to do something useful with them. What that would be totally evades me. 

Also they feel a bit like a silent reproach, daring me to do it again. Did I mention "head case?" 

 Here are my (Allison's) humble winnings:

I honestly have no idea what to do with mine. I've vaguely considered drilling extra holes and making them into a belt (to be added onto until I have a samurai type skirt, perhaps?) but it's more likely that they'll stay hanging off this chair unless I come up with a less cheesy idea.


Anyway, we thought that if we put out a call, we might get some good photos from readers with more graceful, aesthetically pleasing (and generally less psychologically messed up) ways of displaying the take-homes from competitions. Email Badger (bodhibadger at gmail dot com) or Allison (athurman at gmail dot com) with photos and commentary and we will put together a post featuring your medal methodologies. Thank you!

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