Monday, July 29, 2013

Things I Do Not Understand

First in what will no doubt eventually be a series of posts about thing spotted at competitions that beg for explanation. But will probably never be explained.

First up: the "one short leg on my warm-ups" style exhibited by the Korean team at the 2013 March NAC. Whaaaaa? 

Here's a closer look at the fashion statement.

This was applied both to long pants (as above) and shorts (shorts, shorter, shortest?)

Now I'm not saying these gentlemen didn't have nice legs (they did), but really, is the purpose of the cutoff just to show off more of their well-developed gams? It wasn't even particularly hot in the venue. 

Your speculation on this phenomenon welcome. As well as your pics of "fencing fashion I Do Not Understand."


  1. That is very funny, however I would argue they have a purpose for it, albiet not one that we would find helpful but Korean's seem to always want an edge.

  2. I share the idea with those guys, i always use the front leg shorter, because when you do an attack the front leg of the pant compres your move.