Monday, July 29, 2013

Things I Do Not Understand

First in what will no doubt eventually be a series of posts about thing spotted at competitions that beg for explanation. But will probably never be explained.

First up: the "one short leg on my warm-ups" style exhibited by the Korean team at the 2013 March NAC. Whaaaaa? 

Here's a closer look at the fashion statement.

This was applied both to long pants (as above) and shorts (shorts, shorter, shortest?)

Now I'm not saying these gentlemen didn't have nice legs (they did), but really, is the purpose of the cutoff just to show off more of their well-developed gams? It wasn't even particularly hot in the venue. 

Your speculation on this phenomenon welcome. As well as your pics of "fencing fashion I Do Not Understand."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baskets of Bling

We received our first response to our call last week, for fencers to share their systems for storing and displaying their medals.

And what an answer it is.

Delia Turner writes:

"I wear them or put them in my pocket withe the ribbon hanging out until I get home. Then they go up on my bulletin board at the school where I teach. At the end of the year, I dump them in the basket. It's almost too heavy for me to lift." 

(At our request, Delia weighed the basket. It clocked in at 32#. Thirty--two--pounds. Wow. I guess that's what you rack up in the course of becoming a three-time Veteran World Team Champion.)

"My two FIE medals stay on the windowsill. The decorative swords are in an umbrella stand in my study."

So--back to you guys. Maybe you can't outweigh Delia's bling (or maybe you can. *Ahem* Anne Marie. Jeanette. *Ahem*) but perhaps you can challenge her in the category of "Elegant Display." Game on.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Allison suggested we do a post about how people display their medals.

This is difficult subject for me. I have conflicted feelings about bling. 
a) I love the shinys
b) I don't know what to do with them after the competition
c) Then I feel guilty about not appreciating them more.

See? Head case.

Anyway--my system: a medal starts out on me. That's easy enough. I let myself wear it the whole day of the competition. Even out to dinner or on the drive or flight home. Silly? Yes, but dammit, when else am I going to get any enjoyment out of it? Waitresses and doormen can give me all the funny looks they like. Sometimes random people say "congratulations." That's cool. 

If it is a multi-day competition, after Day 1 my mascot takes over for me. 

Once I get home, if the result was particularly notable the medal transfers to a different caretaker for a bit.

Mostly, though, they get crammed into a drawer in a bureau. In a closet. In the attic. 

See? Conflicted. I'm not sure why. I feel like I ought to do something useful with them. What that would be totally evades me. 

Also they feel a bit like a silent reproach, daring me to do it again. Did I mention "head case?" 

 Here are my (Allison's) humble winnings:

I honestly have no idea what to do with mine. I've vaguely considered drilling extra holes and making them into a belt (to be added onto until I have a samurai type skirt, perhaps?) but it's more likely that they'll stay hanging off this chair unless I come up with a less cheesy idea.


Anyway, we thought that if we put out a call, we might get some good photos from readers with more graceful, aesthetically pleasing (and generally less psychologically messed up) ways of displaying the take-homes from competitions. Email Badger (bodhibadger at gmail dot com) or Allison (athurman at gmail dot com) with photos and commentary and we will put together a post featuring your medal methodologies. Thank you!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pictures from a Competition

Columbus was not as fertile fashionista territory as I had hoped. No fault of the competitors, I'm sure--I was just too busy wrangling the RFA Base Camp and getting into and out of fencing gear. 

Here are my most notable sightings:

Best Dressed Fencer: Mary High of Salem Academy Fencing

Frankly, I didn't 
even know that a solid colored uniform (other than white) was legal. Mary's regal purple (especially in contrast to her red hair) was awesome. Mary, if you contact me, I'd love to interview you about your fencing fashion sense.

[Allison says: "Where do you even find such colorful uniforms?"]

Best Hair, Fencer:                                         

Best Hair, Spectator:

Best New Product: Absolute Fencing is trying to mainstream some fashionista styling 

Not the color or design I would have chosen to lead with, but a promising development, none the less.

Best Color Coordination: (bag, socks, tip tape, sneakers, plushie mascot) snapped up by my RFA teammate, the Dormouse. 

Best Fencing Accessory: Mission Fencing Center of Rocky Point, NY, for their fabulous decked out van. (Can a van count as an accessory? Oh heck, I'm giving the award, and I say yes.)

Maybe you can supplement my haul with pics of your own--send them (with commentary) to bodhibadger at gmail dot com. I look forward to seeing what caught your eye.