Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baskets of Bling

We received our first response to our call last week, for fencers to share their systems for storing and displaying their medals.

And what an answer it is.

Delia Turner writes:

"I wear them or put them in my pocket withe the ribbon hanging out until I get home. Then they go up on my bulletin board at the school where I teach. At the end of the year, I dump them in the basket. It's almost too heavy for me to lift." 

(At our request, Delia weighed the basket. It clocked in at 32#. Thirty--two--pounds. Wow. I guess that's what you rack up in the course of becoming a three-time Veteran World Team Champion.)

"My two FIE medals stay on the windowsill. The decorative swords are in an umbrella stand in my study."

So--back to you guys. Maybe you can't outweigh Delia's bling (or maybe you can. *Ahem* Anne Marie. Jeanette. *Ahem*) but perhaps you can challenge her in the category of "Elegant Display." Game on.

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