Friday, July 8, 2016

Best of Summer Nationals 2016, Part 1

Hey--Badger here, recovering from a cold I picked up at Summer Nationals. (There are germs in the venue? Say it ain't so!) I stayed in Dallas an extra day-and-a-half to cheer teammates and hunt for fashion pics. I'll parcel out my finds in a few post over the next week.

First up in "Best of" categories: Best Fencing Mask

David Hadler, of the
San Francisco Fencer's Club
Why a trident? Digging around on the web, I believe it's because David is a member of the UCSD Tritons fencing team. Perhaps the implication is that they're spearing their opponents. Go Tritons!

Best Lamé

Remember a few years ago when some people decided it was legal to silkscreen or airbrush additional designs on the lamé, as long as the result was not too intrusive?  There was a brief flurry of creativity, which died away--either due to the expense and bother of applying such designs, or because people got busted by bout committees for non-conforming equipment. In any case, I was delighted to see this lamé echoing the club patch on the fencer's sleeve.

Forrest McDougall,
Precision Athletics Fencing Club
Torrance, Calif.
Very classy. I could see this becoming a thing.

I know people can't exactly take credit for the name on their lamé (though my practice lamé does read 'Badger.'), but how cool would it be to rock THIS moniker in competition.

Rainer Dragon
Fencers Club, Metro NYC
I would totally want to screen a design like this behind the name

Oh well, on to

Best Coaching Outfit

Coach Michael D'Asaro
Salle D'Asaro, Torrance, California
First of all, the club jacket is awesome: the color (acid yellow, echoed in the athletic shoes), the font (an elegant cursive), and the BOARD SHORTS (OMG--so California). And--crowning touch of cool--Coach D'Asaro sports a gold hoop in his left ear. 

And the last, best "best" for today's post: Best Referee Fashion

Alice Chamberlain
Boston, Mass.
I particularly admire refs who work within the sartorial rules governing their outfits (blue blazer...blah blah...sensible shoes...blah blah) and still achieve flare. Alice nails it. Note the:
  • Zip bodycon dress beneath the requisite blue blazer
  • Ankle boots with a chunky heel (I think they are sensible!)
  • Spotted tights
  • Great makeup
I think she is challenging the other refs to up their game, as it were.

OK, that's enough for now. Stay tuned for our next installment, featuring notable socks, warmup gear and fencing pins. Also, a tuba. (Seriously, a tuba.) 

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