Monday, April 11, 2016

Heads Up

Just got back from the Richmond NAC. Since it was so near home, I drove down and back again Saturday, leaving no time for fashion prowling. Today, though, while Allison tackled vet 40 WF, I made a few laps of the venue.

It quickly became clear the theme for this post would be head coverings. The examples on display encompassed fashionable bandeau to keep hair out of the eyes

Skull caps

Baseball caps (or are they de facto fencing caps?)

And, between bouts at least, cowboy hats

 Even spectators and referees got into the act

(Also, April NAC award for best
dressed ref!)

Do competitors, spectators and officials at other kinds of sporting events look so cheerful, or are we fencers simply a naturally happy lot? We hug a lot, too. I like that.

I didn't have much time for shopping, but a new bag from Radical Fencing caught my eye for a couple of reasons:

1) I am so blessed tired of losing little pieces of black equipment against the black interior of bottomless bags. With a chartreuse lining, problem solved.

b) It has studs. #BadAss

And if that weren't enough, check out the built in (ok, sewn in) packing checklist.

(Missing from this list: "Ibuprofen," "heat pack" and "arm brace" but maybe it wasn't designed with Vet fencers in mind.)

Also, some random sightings that made me smile:

 More awesome club patches for my growing collection.

Temporary tattoos! I'm surprised I haven't seen more of these. One person was cleverly using a temp tatt to cover up a nasty bruise.

Well, fellow fencing fashion fans, until next time, which would be...Nationals! Dallas! Wear your best bling, strut your stuff, and look forward to seeing you there.



[Not only the flag, complete with fringe, but the whole 'freakin stand. Good job, tournament official.]

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