Friday, November 29, 2013

Gifts for the Fashionable Fencer

It's time to start stocking up on gifts for the fencers in your life! (Or assembling your own wish list, for that matter.) 

The Fashionistas have a few suggestions to offer to inspire your shopping and your own wardrobe planning for the '14 season.

Starting from the bottom up, we predict the stylish fencer may be wearing Shwings this year.

These are an inexpensive riff on Jeremy Scott's iconic Adidas Wings. (But feel free to ask for a pair of those, too.)

Jeremy Scott Wings: Special Eason Chan edition for
 the Chinese New Year

Socks are a great way to stuff a stocking (with a stocking), for a fencer looking to jazz up his or her competition attire

Sock Dreams is a great source of fencing sock-wear. See, for example, these "Checkered Neon Chaos" over-the-knees. We are all for a bit of chaos on the strip. 

Badger is a fan of fingerless gloves, because a) they keep her paws warm in the frequently freezing venues, and b) they provide a bit of protection when you straighten your blade (or your opponent goes pass√©). Also, they offer a simple way to bling out the off-hand. You can find a wide variety of styles on Etsy, including:

By JungleTribe



Really, really silly

(Don't feel snakish? WarmnCozyHands makes these gloves in owls and bunnies, too.)

And last but not least, flat out intimidating

Lady Gaga Spiked Gloves by Chrisst

Refs probably wouldn't allow these, would they? Too bad. 

Moving to the realm of Podium Possibilities, consider Epaulettes, to jazz up the warm up jacket. 

From Epaulette Fashion

And Badger can never resist recommending a good pair of shoes, on or off the strip. How about some comfy sneakers for hanging out after the fencing is over? Jeremy Scott offers a range of fun and affordable options that are:

Instinct Hi by Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Bear Trainers, Jeremy Scott
                                                                                          or Classy
Jeremy Scott Wings Wedge Hi
Well, that's enough gift ideas for now. Have at it! And if you have any suggestions for stocking stuffers or larger prezzies to share with fellow fencers, share descriptions and links in the comments section below. 

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