Sunday, April 28, 2013

Off Hand

What do do with the rare, precious scrap of exposed flesh that fencers are allowed to flaunt?

There's bling, of course.

Though personally I worry about getting hit on the finger, swelling, and not being able to get the ring off. Ick (I have an overactive imagination. No, wait--is that just called realism?)

Then, of course, there are the hands themselves, for anyone brave (or adept) enough not to be constantly breaking nails in practice.

THIS is the nail art I want, if I ever mustered the gumption to have my nails done:

Alas, sharpie marker tattoos are more my speed.

Then there are practical off-hand coverings. I am a big fan of this little sweat band from Leon Paul--very handy for wiping the forehead:

It has the added benefit of offering a little protection from random thwacks. Of course, the truly paranoid simply wear two gloves.

Finally, Coach Gwennie says not to forget the benefits of a bird in the hand. (Um, wrong hand, Gwen.)

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