Saturday, November 2, 2013

More(house) Fencing Fashion

Look what I found! A video interview with Olympian Tim Morehouse by The Sartorialist.

Says Morehouse: "I was a kid that didn't have a lot of confidence. Once I started putting the mask on, I sort of took on this whole different persona. That started to also reflect in my life. As you start to put on the uniform, you start to get into this mode...I think as I put it on, I start to stand up a little bit straighter, I start to get ready, maybe I am a little bit more commanding, once I start putting on the stuff." 

Do you feel the same way when you don the mask and zip up your lamé?

And look what happens when you stand up straight! Morehouse founded the nonprofit Fencing in the Schools two years ago to “Empower youth to achieve excellence through the sport of fencing” and fight childhood obesity. 

I like this video of the first Fencing in the Schools program in Rigby and Pocatello Idaho (the first outside of NYC).

(Check out the student bouting in a long pink skirt toward the end of the footage. We should all have such a sense of fencing style.) 

During the 2013-2014 school year, Fencing in the Schools expects to provide an introductory fencing program to over 10,000 students across 7 states. You can support their good work by making a donation, sponsoring a school's participation via Crowdrise, or leading a fundraiser yourself for a school in your area. You can also learn more about Project Hope, which brings Fencing in the Schools Athlete Ambassadors to hospitals to give demos for children and let them try out foam sabers. 

Now, can Tim persuade his student Dita Von Teese to give fashion clinics at the schools at the same time? That would be awesome. 

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