Monday, August 12, 2013

Referee Runway Style Episode II

Given how exhausting it must be to ref a multi-day national event, I think refs who make the extra effort to look good as well as do good deserve extra credit. We already gave props to Patrick Webster for his dapper style. This week we're sending applause to Dr. Jane Littmann for rocking the referee version of bling at the NAC last March.

I've noticed that pins are a fertile fashion field for referees seeking relief from the monotony of blue blazers. 

Now I have my eyes open for other great fencing pins, like this Rwandan Team Mascot (a gorilla) from the 1984 Olympics

Pic from Kingdom Pins

Even more fabulous, the weird London "Mandeville" mascot kitted out for wheelchair fencing

What about you? Any great fencing pins lurking in the jewelry box? Share pics...

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