Monday, August 26, 2013

I Can See for Miles and Miles

Why Miles Chamley-Watson is a fencing fashion icon:

He's got great hair
Photo by Getty Images at
(and great earrings).

Impeccable taste in socks.

AP photo by Dmitry Lovetsky on Oregon Live

He knows how to tastefully flaunt his medals.

From MCW's Twitter stream

& how to celebrate a touch

Pic from CrowdRise Fencing in the Schools Campaign page
(which you should totally donate to) 

Rocks a blazer? Check.

Pic from Knox School News

He can look seriously bad-ass
photo by Michael Bryant,

And well, yah, this:

Pic from

For additional pics see this fashion photo shoot which proves he has the right 'tude for modeling.

And for a glimpse of what MC-W takes on the road, check out the "What's in Mile's Bag" section of teammate Race Imboden's video of their journey to the London Olympics. (Spoiler: Louis Vuitton backpack with matching passport holder and wallet*, Ray-bans, serious selection of earrings, Mac tech up the whazoo). Bonus: great shot of his Olympic rings tat. 

*which leads me to wonder--do Olympic athletes get goodie bags, like Oscar nominees? Or does Miles just take luggage really, really seriously?

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  1. Olympic Athletes do get goodie bags, but Miles also takes his luggage really, really seriously but I mean wouldn't you if your luggage was worth around 15k? :P