Saturday, December 28, 2013

Debrief from Dallas

I covered the Dallas NAC solo--Allison sat this one out. But for future reference, know what you-all are totally welcome to say to either of us at a competition?

"OMG Fashionistas! You have to take a picture of my SHOOOOES!"

Besides the fact that, yes, these are very cool shoes, we love being invited to take pictures. Please--let us help you strut your stuff.

That said, many of the pictures from Dallas were surreptitious, mostly because I don't like to interrupt people when they are actually, you know, fencing. 

Even when they have massively fabulous hair

Or, by way of contrast, a full hood and steampunk goggles under their mask. (Whaaa?)

Hey, sometimes we ask permission, as with the winner of this NAC's "Best Dressed Ref" award 

Timothy Buckwalter
Pairing a black shirt with the requisite navy blazer made this outfit a contender, but the seasonally appropriate tie pushed it over the top. Good job, Mr. Buckwalter.

Award for best club jacket goes to Moe Wen Fencing Club in Somerville, Mass.

Admittedly I was swayed by the club name itself. (Think of all the great slogans! "Moe betta fencing." "The Three Other Musketeers: Larry, Curly and Moe.") But I also loved the way their logo echoes that of The Saint.

Best major fashion sighting: Miles Chamley-Watson in Absolute Fencing's uniform with American flag piping. On MCW, thats a lot of piping. 

But it looks cute on little uniforms, too.

Best practical fashion item: this tricolor body cord from Alliance Fencing. If you've ever repaired a body wire, and forgotten which was the B wire and which the C, you will recognize how useful it is to color-code the lines (as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Pair it with the piped uniform above as well as the USA flag mask for an Über-patriotic look.) 

I don't see either the piped uniform or the tricolor cord on the websites of their respective vendors, so maybe you just have to come to the next NAC if you want to get them, eh?

Backing up a tad, I should note that all of my fashion observations in Dallas were colored by the fact that the NAC was sharing the convention center with a few hundred teens competing in a cheerleading competition.

This was more than slightly surreal--like being surrounded by tiny, muscular crosses between Mary Lou Retton and Tammy Faye Bakker. It was even funnier when clumps of cheerleaders wandered into the venue to watch the fencing. Suffice to say they weren't looking at the vets. In fact, I think at least one was sniggering at my stretching routine before the round of four. (Hey, kid, try doing this when you are over fifty, then you can laugh at me.)

Finally, a note on the bling. You may remember I have blogged my ambiguous feelings about medals. This NAC offered the perfect solution: loaner medals that were passed out for the podium ceremony, then repossessed. And to make it truly perfect, everybody used the same set: Wheelchair Women's Saber, thus making me a two time medalist for an event in which I've never competed. Love it.

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