Friday, November 30, 2012

Fancy Footwork

Given how much we abuse our feet, it's no wonder fencers spend so much time obsessing over shoes--trying out the latest styles, comparing notes, tinkering with inserts. My coach seems to always have at least three pairs in play at any given time--and is never entirely happy with any of them.

So I love it when fencing shoes are as much about aesthetics as function. 

For example, here is a survey from just one Wednesday night at my salle, Rockville Fencing Academy:


I think Joe started the trend 

Thank you, Joe. Let's have a closer look at those flaming beauties

Yes. Very nice. 

But I submit we've only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities, especially if you expand into the realm of off-strip footwear, especially podium possibilities. For example

Oh well. Until I save up for some of these more flamboyant options (not to mention making it onto the podium), I will go back to packing for my next competition.

See you there?

(And if you care to send pics of your fencing fashion footwear, we would love to feature them on the blog.)

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