Monday, October 22, 2012

Reuse, Recycle

There is one thing I like about the new conducting bib—it gives me something to do with my old lamés.

You probably have one (or more) old ones hanging around, don’t you?
Steve Gross, Rockville Fencing Academy.
Photo by Badger Merritt
And what are they good for? Well, patching each other up, which does offer some interesting possibilities, as demonstrated here:

[Picture by Earl Theisen.]
I love what Steve did with his practice lamé—it reminds me of the “potato sack dress,” most famously modeled by Marilyn Monroe in 1952 

And it inspired me to do this

I rather like the effect! It almost makes up for extra 18 square inches or so of valid target area.


(Please email me with pictures of what you've done with your old lamés or other recycled bits of uniform. We would love to feature them in future posts.)

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  1. Well stated ... I just found this online - 5 years later.

    Nice Job !