Thursday, October 6, 2016

A-Diorable Fencing Fashion

It's particularly gratifying when fencing fashion bleeds onto the couture runway. Most recently, Allison and I are squeeing over the designs in Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut collection for Dior Spring/Summer 2017, recently showcased at Paris Fashion Week.   

The most explicit homage looks a good idea like the first fencing jacket I ever owned, right down to the snap closures: 


(Though of course my foil jacket had a crotch strap.) If only I had paired it with a tutu for practice.

If snaps aren't enough, add a few buckles for good measure 

This next version is embroidered with what I think are bees. Heraldically, bees stand for industrious and indefatigable effort--a good symbol for fencing practice, yes?

Several of the looks draw inspiration from plastrons, I think. 

And then there's this, which (if it were in black) would make a very nice coaching jacket. (Note that Chiuri even paired it with very practical sneakers!)

Oh, hey, here we go--black. And with a veil that kinda channels a fencing mask. 

Now if only she had ended the show with a fencing-inspired wedding dress. :)

Photos from the Los Angeles Times, The Dapifer, and South China Morning Post.

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