Thursday, January 29, 2015

Noms de Grrrrrrr

Last week I wrote about the fashion flaunting of the Roller Derby set. This week I'm looking at their handles. 

Of course the team members have awesome names

The team managers get in the spirit, too

Even the referees have bad-ass names!

So (bear with me): What if fencers were allowed to tweak the names on their lames? Just imagine...

Double Letendre

Do No Wong

Ashers to Ashers

Bain of Your Existence

eViel Dead


Van Loonatic Fringe

Grievous Harmon

Frontal Esnault

Come on people--a little bad-assery is good for the soul.

Besides, I could go from being Badger to being BadgerBadgerBadger. 

That would be SO much more intimidating. Right?

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