Friday, March 29, 2013

Rockin' it in Reno

Fashion-wise, Reno was a complete success. We collected enough material for a slew of posts. Here is a quick look, though, at some of the sartorial high points of the competition. 

We were a bit jealous of all the fabulous warm-up gear. This one, far from the most elaborate, wins in the category of simple elegance.

This young lady gets major points for 
a) continuing the trending Mardi Gras color scheme (green, gold, purple)
b) ditto the ear candy
c) looking so incredibly cheerful

Major props to this gent for the most amazing color/pattern scheme of the weekend. Red, white and blue in leopard spots. Awesome.

You can't beat this pair for location-aware cos, though. 

Front AND back 

On second thought, maybe this gear is appropriate to any venues. After all, traveling all over the country for fencing competitions is a form of gambling, isn't it? 

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