Monday, July 30, 2012

Hair, there, and everywhere

Aldo Montano, Courtesy Getty Images/Daily Mail

Hairstyles are another theme we want to explore. Even if your hair isn't as startling as Aldo Montano's new 'do, we want to know how yours is inspired by (or impacts) your fencing. Dye rubbing off in your mask? Forced into incredible braids to keep from covering target? Send your photos to me or Badger

We're uncertain of our posting frequency yet, but we're finding that the Olympic Games provide a lot of inspiring imagery!



  1. I refuse to cut my hair, so I stuff my long braid into a snood for competitions. I have previously received a yellow card for hair covering target.

  2. That sounds like a tidy solution :) How do you make the snood stay on? I've always had short hair and honestly have no idea.

  3. I was surprised at how much the long hair of an Olympic competitor impacted her match -- would she not know how to manage it effectively? why was she allowed to get away with 'hair breaks'?? As a non-fencer, this was baffling.


  4. I sent you a photo of my favorite fencing hair pink and a little bit faux hawk-y. It took care of both of my biggest fencing hair issues: it was too short to be in my face/on my lame, and it was too pink for people to mistake me for a dude with all my gear on! And, my grandmother thought it looked awesome...well, her description was "mod".

    Sadly, I don't think my current boss would be so thrilled...